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Champion Studs

Featuring Shaireab's "Just N' Time" (JUSTIN):
  • Top winning Welsh Terrier, all systems in 2007
  • Multiple "Best in Show" and "Terrier Group" WINS
  • Best Welsh Terrier at Westminster Kennel Club Show, New York: 2006, 2007 & 2008.
  • Best Welsh Terrier at International Dog Show, Chicago, 2008
  • Best Welsh Terrier at Eukanuba AKC Championship Show, Long Beach, 2007
  • Best Welsh Terrier at World Dog Show, Mexico City, 2008
  • Top Producer: Sire of 16 Champions as of June, 2010
  • No health defects and great temperament

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Kennel & Breeders
893 Gecko Ln, Rio Rico,
Arizona 85648
(602) 677-1468

Norm & Pat Clark, Proprietors

The Malvado Philosophy

We are a small operation specializing in one breed—Welsh Terriers. We show our dogs and have an outstanding record of wins and have built an impressive lineage. However, we breed first for health and good temperament, then for the conformation to the breed standard and showmanship. Healthy dogs with excellent dispositions are more important than winning at a dog show, however our goal is to produce Welsh Terriers that excel in all aspects of the breed.